Sosúa Sage

Sosúa sage (Salvia lachnaiclada) is an extremely rare species of sage, endemic to Hispaniola. The species hasn’t been found in Haiti since 1927. A single population only exists in the Dominican Republic. This population of about 50 plants is growing on a coastal cliff near the town Sosúa. Neither the location nor the species are protected in any way and a single new hotel, a hurricane or a cliff slide could potentially wipe out this rare species.

Sosúa sage flowers scarce but more or less continuously throughout the year. The pretty orange flowers are visited by hummingbirds. Due to the continuous flowering, only a few ripe seeds can be collected at any point in time. This and the small population size, renders this species unsuitable to seed banking. Our aims are to establish a second population within the DR, to increase the number of plants in Sosúa and to refind the species in Haiti.

Thanks to Rob Crowley for making this shot.
New hope for Sosúa sage. Kate Wallace and Martin Reith with a founder plant of the new Sosúa sage population at Villa Barrancolí.
  • A second independent population of Sosúa sage within the DR

Kate Wallace and Rob Crowley joined Acción salva una especie! Kate and Rob are very active in nature conservation here on the island, and they are running the birding camp Villa Barrancolí in the Sierra de Bahoruco. A number of rooted cuttings of Sosúa Sage was recently planted at Villa Barrancolí, where they are cared for.

  • Increasing the number of sage plants in Sosúa

This part of the project will start as soon as we have produced more plants. Please contact us, if you are willing to plant this rare species on your property in and arround Sosúa. Coastal cliffs or rocky sites with lots of sunshine are best for Sosúa sage.

Support this action by visiting Villa Barrancoli,  providing space for this rare species on your property in Sosúa, keeping your eyes open for Sosúa sage when in Haiti, or making donations.

Linda Winkelhöfer, Rainer Schindwolf, Edwin Dominguez, Wolfgang Seign, Hans-Werner Balling and Robin Middleton joined Acción salva una especie and kindly supported this project.

10 thoughts on “Sosúa Sage

  1. Sugiero definir el área geográfica donde se encuentra para que la población de Sosúa conozac y la proteja- exitos en el Proyecto piloto para el
    nuevo hogar de esta especie-


    1. Dear Mr. Francis Santana Montalvo

      Thanks a lot for your support and your suggestions! We are exited that the people of Sosua are interested in saving their very special Sosua sage.

      Martin Reith fundador de Acción salva una especie


  2. Martin, My name is Eladio Fernandez. I’m a friend of Kate’s and an associate fellow with the iLCP. I’m in Cabarete until tomorrow. I want to photograph the sage and the site for conservation purposes. Please provide site coordinates via private mail…
    Regards, E


  3. I am in Sosúa, I do plant species that belong to the area that are dissapearing or endangered. Would love to get some plants to reproduce. Thanks for this valuable information.


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