Sosúa sage– 51 and counting

Bergeline and Konrad were supporting Acción salva una especie this month. The above picture shows them while counting and labeling the rare Sosúa sage, proudly presenting plant number 51.

Sosúa sage is known from a single coastal cliff in the Dominican Republic only. Prior to this action, nobody knew exactly, how many individuals of this rare sage were left in the wild. We hoped to find 50 individuals. With support of Bergeline and Konrad we found plant number 51 – and the counting goes on!

Special thanks to Konrad, who flew in from Germany, and to Bergeline, who crossed the island in a chilly bus, in order to join Acción salva una especie and support the field work! You feel inspired by Konrad and Bergeline? You wish to volunteer with us too? Drop us a line!

3 thoughts on “Sosúa sage– 51 and counting

  1. I have been following this as some of you know.
    Does this species/variety extend along the whole north coast cliff or just in the Sosua area exclusively?
    I have a very nice rock face on my property, north facing & mostly sunny that I would be interested in planting if you think it feasible.
    Martin has my e-mail…. William Webster



    1. Hi William

      Nice to hear form you again and thanks for staying in touch! Sosua sage is known from a single population in the Dominican Republic – a cliff near Sosua. Propagation of the plants is time consuming, as the most reliable method are air layers. We have made airlayers of wild plants and have taken them into culture. We are currently rooting ailayers from these potted plants. And these will be the plants that we will give away to nurseries and interested gardeners.
      Accion salva una especie is a facebook-group now. I think that will make communication between members much more efficient! You have already been added and we hope that more people will join! cheers Martin


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